HiTest provide services for developing and quality assure your system or product

HiTest offers experienced consultants in Quality Assurance, Test Management, Test Automation, Test Development, Requirements Management, Risk Analysis, Reliability and Security. We can help our customers with everything from analyzing on a strategic level, to working operationally in the business. HiTest is a culture-driven company with strong values ​​where most of it is based on us helping each other and sharing.

HiTest AB is a small, expansive and knowledge-intensive company specialized in quality assurance and testing. With dedication and passion, we strengthen the customer's competitiveness by securing the quality of products and test processes. This makes us unique is the combination of our three pillars - technology, communication and leadership. The result in practice is that a HiTester can take responsibility on several levels, while minimizing problems for the customer.

HiTest's customers are often found in the automotive or energy sector, where there is a need for qualified consulting services in the testing area. After more than 20 years with many well-executed assignments with lasting results, we have often received the stamp "Best in Test" from our customers. One explanation could be that we and the customer work together long-term and in addition to delivering excellence in test development, we also have an ability to bring out the best from each individual, both customer and consultant, through a positive view of people.